dissabte, 13 de març de 2021

The Auroch


The Auroch es un pequeño proyecto donde exploro distintas voces algo alejadas de mi territorio habitual sin ninguna pretension mas que el juego y el goce (cabe pretender algo mejor?).

En cualquier caso, las distintas piezas funcionan como un recorrido enrevesado lleno de trampas y sorpresas. Los recitados que aparecen en distintas partes son interpretados por generadores de habla no humanos. El dibujo de portada es cosa de mi hijo Pol.

Gracias a Jay Reeve por la confianza.


Is there a musical subgenre called “whimsical noise”? If so, this fun little entry from The Auroch (a project from Adrià Bofarull) may be the perfect fit. It packs a lot of absorbing sound into its relatively short run time. You’ll take in piano, odd electronics, beats and some speech generator spoken word. But I also heard things like prepared guitar and piano strings, typewriters, and accordion, but that may be all coming from a machine. Regardless, it adds up to a relatively lighter mood for a noise piece. A couple highlights include “aura” with its constantly shifting beats and noises (it feels like the slow breakdown of an old computer) and “shhh” which sounds like an attempt to send a Morse code message from another galaxy. This whole package feels like it would be a pretty good entry point for a novice trying to get into noise music, but there are also many aural pleasures for you veterans.

(from the site of Albert Trapezoid)

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